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How to Use Pirate Bay Without Being Tracked?

Although there is no perfect way to secure a person’s anonymity, the best way to avoid being tracked is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. These companies provide a protection service by hiding your IP, providing an encrypted communication channel, and having a no logs policy. These characteristics ensure that your Internet surfing is kept anonymous. However, not all VPNs offer protection for torrenting. Some of them, as for example NordVPN, do. Thus, it is very important to check this feature before subscribing to any VPN.

VPNs provide anonymity by hiding the user’s IP address. In this manner, the computer cannot be identified and the user’s activities cannot not be effectively tracked. Therefore, when deciding on which VPN service to choose, it is important to check some aspects of the VPN service, such as: are they keeping any user’s activity logs? Do you need to use an Internet Service Provider to connect to the VPN? And many more. Below is a list of ten popular VPNs:

Although we cannot recommend any particular VPN, many reviews by people, who also claim to be “pirates”, favor Nord VPN.

Another option is using the TOR (The Onion Router) browser. Once you have the TOR browser on your machine you can access the Pirate Bay directly by connecting to or by using the official TOR URL: uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion. Onions are urls that are difficult to remember and are only available via the Tor browser, which uses a special network of volunteer computers to connect to the Internet. However, Tor advises its users to use a VPN to fully protect their privacy, as they cannot fully guarantee that their IP will remain unknown. This is very important, because there have been reports of governments and other organizations monitoring Tor’s usage.

Finally, you can opt to use a web proxy. They are simply proxies that you can use to connect to other sites, such as the Pirate Bay. They work via a web browser and usually all that is needed to hide your IP address is to go the service’s homepage and enter a URL in the form provided. Some of your choices include:

This proxy is available for free at You just need to enter the PirateBay url.

Availabe at, it is a paid service. They offer several packages, which allow you to appear accessing from a selection of different countries.

However, web proxies as not as reliable as a VPN, which provide encrypted communication and a dedicated network of servers that usually expands over many countries.

A Brief History of The Pirate Bay

Over the past two decades, The Pirate Bay has faced many challenges from enemies at home and abroad. Less than three years after its founding, on May 31, 2006, Swedish police raided their facilities, took their servers, and held Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, and a third member, Mikael Viborg, for questioning. They were released before the night was up.

Within three days, they were back up and running with new servers. And to ensure that no future raids or other problems would keep them down, they duplicated their servers and established bases in Belgium and Russia. This would not be the first time that The Pirate Bay got under the skin of the authorities.

In 2008, there was a major controversy involving autopsy photos of two murdered Swedish children. The photos had been included as a torrent on The Pirate Bay. Their father tried to have the photos removed but a spokesman for The Pirate Bay declared, “I don’t think it’s our job to judge if something is ethical or unethical or what other people want to put out on the internet.”

That same year, four key members of the organization, including Svartholm and Neij, were charged with promoting copyright infringement and found guilty. Eventually, they served several months in jail and paid a 46 million kronor ($5.3 million USD) fine.

They were raided by Swedish authorities again in 2014. And though they went offline for a time, it was short lived.

The Pirate Bay has continued to function as the internet’s favorite place for peer-to-peer file sharing through police raids, lawsuits, domain changes, and more. Over two dozen countries have even blocked access to the domain. But as quickly as the authorities try to eliminate access to it, mirror sites and VPN software opens the door back up.

And ultimately, that’s the safest way to access The Pirate Bay.

You don’t need to register on The Pirate Bay to download

If you want to access files right away on The Pirate Bay, then the platform makes that process as simple as three clicks.

If you click on the blue “Download Anonymously” text, then a new browser window opens to invite you to subscribe to Express VPN. It is up to you to determine if that investment makes sense for your specific needs.

Clicking on the “Download” box with an arrow takes you to a document to PDF converter instead of accessing the torrent. Only click on the “Get This Torrent” text to avoid the advertising and extra windows.

Although this process can be somewhat annoying since it feels misleading, the structure offered by The Pirate Bay is still better than the constant pop-ups and paywall items that can appear on similar platforms.

Don’t search for torrents on Google, Bing, or other search engines

You will find the most torrents on The Pirate Bay when you have specific search terms to follow. Trying to see this content on search engines is a fruitless effort. General keyword strings typically exclude this content because of the legal safeguards that copyright holders use to prevent unauthorized access to their creations.

If you try to find the best torrents through Google, what you’ll typically see are websites that offer generalized information about how to find your favorite files. Most of this content is out of date.

This example even says that The Pirate Bay has been taken down, inferring that you no longer have the option to use it.The unfortunate reality of the torrenting world is that everyone has a specific agenda that they attempt to follow. Most people are in the business of making a quick buck or becoming popular enough to generate advertising revenue. That means the results are questionable at best.

When you know the specific content that you want to download, then go directly to The Pirate Bay. Use the search box that appears right away. It only takes seconds to become a leecher once you find the file that you want to use.

What is The Pirate Bay?

As we’ve already mentioned, The Pirate Bay was founded by Gottfrid Svartholm (a.k.a. Anakata) and Fredrik Neij (a.k.a. TiAMO). The Pirate Bay uses a peer-to-peer technology called BitTorrent that enables users to transfer large files with the help of a decentralized network. Unlike Napster and Limewire before it, The Pirate Bay doesn’t require software to access it.

Originally, the Pirate Bay hosted a torrent tracker that kept a record of files and where they were located throughout the network. In the fall of 2009, they moved away from this method and began employing magnet links. This method allows users to continue accessing the files across the network, but doesn’t keep a record of where those files are.

When you access The Pirate Bay, you’ll be able to search for files in a variety of categories, including Video, Audio, Games, and Physibles (plans for 3D printers). Within each of these broad categories, you’ll also be able to find numerous sub-categories. A 2013 study of The Pirate Bay’s content estimated that 44% of all uploads were made up of television shows and movies, followed by pornographic images and videos at 35% and audio files at 9%.

When you access The Pirate Bay’s homepage, you’ll be able to search for anything you may be looking for via the convenient search bar. And like Google’s search engine, there’s even an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button if you just want to start downloading the first thing it returns. In addition to searches, you can browse all the categories and sub-categories or even view the top 100 downloads.

A Few Caveats to Consider…

Before you set off to The Pirate Bay, downloading everything in sight, keep these caveats in mind.

First, while The Pirate Bay does offer access to a host of material that’s not copyrighted, it also will allow you to download gigabyte after gigabyte of copyrighted files. This is illegal under US law (among others). As a result, its ethicalness is highly debated and disputed. In fact, as we’ve mentioned, that’s one reason that the website was founded – to start a conversation on copyrights and information sharing. So, if you have qualms about engaging in illegal activity, you may want to think a little harder before jumping in at the deep end. And, if you don’t have a VPN in place, you should know that you are putting yourself at risk by logging on and downloading anything.

Second, torrents are notorious for acting as trojan horses for malware. Be aware that if you download many files from The Pirate Bay, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with computer viruses. So, it’s probably a good idea to get a good anti-virus software for your computer.

It is still possible to get an entire file even if there are no seeders on it

Although it isn’t recommended to pursue a file on The Pirate Bay when it has no seeders, there is a possibility that you could still get the entire torrent when a significant number of leechers are present.

Until a download completes in its entirety, The Pirate Bay classifies you as a leecher. You can still perform seeding actions during this time if your BitTorrent client has settings that enable simultaneous uploading and downloading.

Seeders can remove themselves from a file in the middle of a download. If all of the leechers have access to different portions of the content, but everyone together has the entire torrent, then you can still get the file. It is doubtful that the effort will be successful since this outcome occurs very rarely – so go into the process with realistic expectations.

Other sites like The Pirate Bay create a third category, called “peers,” to indicate those who upload and download simultaneously. You don’t have that option here.

If you wait for a day or two, updates to the upload list often give you access to the files you want. Patience can be a virtue when working with The Pirate Bay.

Using The Pirate Bay (Step-By-Step)

So, now that you understand a little about The Pirate Bay and its history, you may be wondering how you can access it. If so, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to show you everything you need to know in order to begin downloading shared files via The Pirate Bay’s magnet links.

Step One: Find and Purchase a VPN Service

First, you will want a VPN. Over thirty countries around the world have banned The Pirate Bay’s URL, so the only way to access it in those countries is with the help of a VPN. A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) allows you to mask your IP address so anything you do online is untraceable. This allows you the privacy and anonymity you need to safely access The Pirate Bay from anywhere in the world, including those places where it’s not allowed.

But a VPN is still worth getting, even if you live in a nation that doesn’t restrict access to The Pirate Bay. Since VPNs keep your IP address hidden and all of your internet activity anonymous, you can’t be found if you accidentally download a copyrighted file that someone makes a claim on.

And it’s not just the authorities that VPNs protect you from. When you use a BitTorrent to download a file, your IP address is made available to anyone who knows what to look for. This can leave you vulnerable to hacking, doxing, and other cyber-attacks. As a result, we highly recommend that you use a VPN before trying to access The Pirate Bay.

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN to choose, consider some of these options…

Step Two: Set Your VPN Up

Once you’ve gotten your VPN, you’ll want to set it up so that it works the way it’s supposed to. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose which country you will set as your location. We recommend choosing a country that doesn’t restrict peer-to-peer sharing and that offers servers using high-speed connections. The most popular locations include…

Step Three: Log On

After your VPN is running and set up correctly, you’ll be able to access The Pirate Bay as you would any other website on the internet. Simply type into your browser’s address bar and hit enter. You’ll immediately see The Pirate Bay logo and a search bar where you can begin looking for any file you can imagine.

It’s that simple.

What a Time to Be Alive With Pirate Bay?

Mirror sites of the Pirate Bay are also subjected to persecution by the authorities, on the grounds that they help users to avoid paying for copyrighted material, as they should do. As such, many of them are shut down compulsory and their lifespan isn’t so long.

Typically, these websites operate from countries where the Pirate Bay is not restricted. Nevertheless, many times ISPs decline to offer their service to their users, as they prefer not to take the risk of being involved in legal troubles, or on the grounds of their private service policies.

Thus, it is very difficult to know exactly how long mirror sites last, as there is not much available information in this regard. Still, when blocked, usually creators of mirror sites are able to move their websites to another location, becoming available again in a short time.

As the Pirate Bay’s Facebook page history shows, sites related to thePirateBay have a troubled life cycle. They are blocked, then they reappear, to disappear again and so on.

But the existence of multiple mirror sites is facilitated by the availability of reliable information: from thePirateBay’s database dumps to instructions on how to set up a mirror site, the facts are well documented and easily available. Adding to it, the basic architecture of the Pirate Bay is also understood and thus, if you are interested, you can create a similar structure based on virtual machines stored on the cloud. But don’t forget, if you create a mirror of the Pirate Bay, let the different mirror lists know that you are available. In this manner you will become known in an anonymous manner to all the “pirates” worldwide.

If you have questions on how to set up a mirror site, visit any of the many forums and ask. The Pirate Bay has many loyal fans that will surely help you in this regard. However, use a pseudo, as you don’t want to be known by the government authorities or copyright support institutions. A word of caution here: even if you are based in a country that doesn’t block the Pirate Bay, find out if you may still be prosecuted by the US or EU authorities, as they may consider that their scope extends their frontiers.

Also, bear in mind, that by using a thePirateBay’s database dump, you can also use the information stored in it to create your personal peer-to-peer torrent-search tool. However, although not required, out of consideration, acknowledge the source that you are using, before making it available to the public.

And finally, remember that the Pirate Bay has had a long and difficult life. But, that in spite of it, it is still there, helping many people around the world. So, as its mirror sites may “mirror” its existence, be confident they will exist for long, while there is people that believes that “sharing is caring”.

The info hash helps you to verify the integrity of the file from The Pirate Bay

The info hash information that you can see on many torrents on The Pirate Bay helps to verify the integrity of the data. It is the SHA1 Hash that includes the size (length) and pathway with the file name.

It confirms the name to search for when going through the downloading process, every piece of the torrent with that date, and any flags that indicate restricted information.

This information is freely available when looking at the structure of a file. You can use a tool like BEncode Editor to verify the data offered in the torrent by some accounts.

The information in the SHA1 Hash has a series of numbers and letters. You must compare this data to what the file structure reports when looking it up after the download is complete. The first set of numbers is the length, and then you’ll see piece sizes, data bytes, and other structures so that you can independently verify the information.

If the info hash doesn’t match up to your examination, then the file is either incomplete or not as advertised.

Registering on The Pirate Bay is simple and straightforward

If you want to register an account on The Pirate Bay, then you only need to follow a few steps to have a successful result. Registration isn’t illegal, but it could help others track your traffic if you accidentally download something that has copyright or intellectual property protections associated with it.

The first step is to access The Pirate Bay through your preferred web browser. You’ll see a “Register” link at the bottom of the screen underneath the footer advertising bar.

Clicking on it takes you to the information page. You must choose the username you want, hand over your email address, and create a password. The site requires you to enter the password twice.Then you must prove that you’re not a robot by typing in the CAPTCHA code or verifying the picture set. You’ll receive an email from The Pirate Bay that requires you to click on a verification link. This step completes your registration.

The Pirate Bay closed registrations in June 2019 because of spam and malware attacks until further notice. You may encounter difficulties with this process until the platform resolves this issue.

All About the Pirate Bay

What is The Pirate Bay?

If you’ve heard of The Pirate Bay and are eager to know what it’s all about, you’ll know the basics, so we’ll keep this brief and simple. It’s controversial, as you know, but The Pirate Bay basically offers an index of online digital file sharing opportunities in the fields of music and other digital media. It was founded in Sweden and is a very popular destination and is known for an anti-copyright stance.

If you’re looking to sign up you are clearly searching for interesting content, and this is the place you’re going to find it! In this article we’ll look at how best to download content from The Pirate Bay, talk about safety on the platform and also how to find the right files for you, as well as a quick check of the pros and cons of the platform.

The Pirate Bay is the best of the torrent download sites as it is established, and it now even provides access to 3D downloadable files for printers. With a selection of categories including Audio, Games, Video and more, and also sub-categories that allow for easy searching for the likes of Comics, Movies, Audio Books and more, The Pirate Bay is the place to go for quality content. How do you use it? Let’s have a look!

Step by Step Guide to Download Torrent from The Pirate Bay

Downloading content from The Pirate Bay involves the use of a BitTorrent client, and there are many to choose from. We use Folx as it is reliable. So, once you’ve downloaded your BitTorrent client, checked it is correctly installed and selected your download preferences from their menu – or to put it simply, followed the client’s set up instructions – you’re ready to go. Here’s how you download from The Pirate Bay:

1 – The initial action is to open The Pirate Bay website. The usual address is but you may encounter a problem with this, and here’s by. While not illegal as such, some authorities have sanctioned against The Pirate Bay hence they keep changing their address to keep ahead. If the above official address is not working, try a Google search for The Pirate Bay and you will be given the latest URL. If you can’t find that, use one of the following proxy addresses:

Once you get in, you’re ready to go!

2 – Look for the content you want by using the search bar. It’s just like any other search bar – type it in and press enter – and you’ll be given a list of possible options. Remember that The Pirate Bay is a sharing platform so if you look for the version that has the most ‘seeders’ – these are peers that have shared the file – as these will download much faster than those with fewer.

3 – Get Torrent – click on the ‘Get This Torrent’ instruction and it will begin to download. Make sure you tell the BitTorrent client where you want it stored and wait for the notification that it has been downloaded. When it says ‘100%’ or ‘Distributed’ you’re ready to click and play.

That’s all there is to it, and you’ve opened up your computer to a vast range of downloadable content to enjoy. Of course, you’re concerned about the safety of The Pirate Bay, and that’s only to be expected, so let’s talk about that in more detail.

How Safe is The Pirate Bay?

First, we’ll clear up some confusion. The Pirate Bay is a peer to peer sharing platform that carries no content or adverts related to it. As such, in most countries it is a perfectly legal platform. However, as mentioned above there have been many sanctions against it, and it may be blocked in certain countries. If it is not blocked, you can use it as normal. If it is, you should access using a proxy site. These are, effectively, the same as the original official site but at different addresses.

While the official site can be considered safe, it is essential that you remember that the content you download comes from other people’s personal computers. This means that The Pirate Bay cannot guarantee the safety of individual files. It’s up to you to take the risk.

Also, the proxy sites cannot be guaranteed safe, as some carry ads and may harbour malware, as may individual files. No sharing platform is 100% guaranteed safe, but it’s fair to say that The Pirate Bay is no worse and potentially a lot better than most, especially if you use the official site.

How to Find the Right Torrent Files

This is about differentiating between Seeders and Leechers, the latter being those searching for a file. Put simply, you need to look for files that have greater numbers of seeders – SE – than leechers, LE, and this will be shown when you search for the file.

The better the SE:LE ratio, the less time it will take to download the file. We recommend that you also read the comments before you download a file, as this will reveal any problems regards safety, as mentioned above. Look for files, if you can, with many hundreds of seeders for the quickest downloads.

Pros and Cons of The Pirate Bay

As with all such platforms, there are pros and cons with The Pirate Bay, so here are a few to finish off:


The Honor Code is an unwritten code that guides users in how to use The Pirate Bay to everyone’s best advantage, which makes it the best file sharing platform around.

The Pirate Bay is very easy to use, enables faster downloads, and you can pause and resume your downloads as and when.

The search function is effective and simple, and sharing on The Pirate Bay is completely free.


The risks of malware and downloading illegal or sensitive content accidentally exist, as the shared files may be unregulated.

Using file sharing platforms of any kind can slow down internet speed.

Security is not guaranteed, so it is possible to unwittingly reveal your personal information.


The Pirate Bay is an established file sharing platform that offers a massive array of content for no cost and, if used with care, will expand your access to a variety of digital media.

The Pirate Bay Is the Most Popular Torrent Site in the World

According to, a website that provides traffic estimates based on its global traffic panel, The Pirate Bay is once again the most popular torrent site in the world. In 2019, The Pirate Bay ranked third, after (the unofficial successor of the defunct YTS group) and 1337x.

The sudden growth in popularity can be attributed to two things. First, The Pirate Bay has been able to keep operating from its original .org domain name, whereas many other torrent sites have been forced to change domain names, sometimes without enough time to alert their users. Second, there hasn’t been any period of prolonged downtime in recent months like there was for much of 2018.

When you combine these two factors with the fact that many online streaming sites with pirated TV shows and movies closed their doors in 2019 due to increased pressure from copyright watchdogs and law enforcement, it becomes easy to see why The Pirate Bay has once again become the flagship of the pirate fleet.

The Origins of the Pirate Bay

The Internet Revolution

When the internet became widespread in the 1990s, everything changed. Not only could you communicate with people around the world in an instant via e-mail, but it became possible to make documents and images available to anyone who had a computer and internet access. This was a step beyond telephones, pagers, and fax machines. This was a complete communication revolution.

And yet, no one could have imagined what things would be like only a few short years later, with the advent of pervasive broadband technology. With dial-up internet access, sending a video would take hours – even for something that only lasted a few minutes. And if someone happened to pick up the telephone while you were downloading, then your internet connection would break, and you’d have to start the download all over.

How Broadband Changed Everything

But when high-speed internet entered the scene after the turn of the millennium, new possibilities appeared that no one could have dreamed of just a few short years earlier. Cable and DSL made it possible to increase download speeds from kilobytes per second to hundreds of megabytes per second. And suddenly, entire movies and seasons of shows could be downloaded in a matter of minutes. This is something that would’ve been impossible in the years before broadband technology.

As internet speeds began to skyrocket in the early 2000s, peer-to-peer networks began cropping up. Software like Napster and Limewire were introduced, allowing files to be hosted on a vast network of computers, each owned by everyday users. When someone decided to download a file, they would pull pieces of it from the entire network. This way, even if someone logged off, the download could continue via other users.

This technology made it possible to download nearly anything from the internet, including music, movies, software, video games, and more recently, 3D printer plans. Every scrap of digital information was up for grabs.

The Pirate Bay:

And as the new millennium began, a small Swedish think tank named Piratbyrån, or The Pirate Bureau, was founded and began advocating for a “conversation on copyright, file-sharing and digital culture.” Two members, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij, founded The Pirate Bay as a means of subverting and making a statement on the modern concept of copyright. In fact, in one 2008 blog post, they described it this way: “TPB is also art. TPB is a performance. It’s a long running art project. Very long.”

Since that time, The Pirate Bay has become the single most popular peer-to-peer download site in the world. It’s currently ranked by Alexa Traffic as the 99th most popular website in the world.

So, what exactly is The Pirate Bay? How does it work? And is it something you can still access today?

Read on to discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about The Pirate Bay!

Always download legal torrents

The top priority for using The Pirate Bay is to locate files that you know are safe to download legally. If you download anything that might contain protected information, then the individuals or organizations that have a claim on that data have the right to contact you about illegally accessing the content they produced.

That’s why downloading TV shows, movies, software, or ebooks on The Pirate Bay without verifying the legal status of the file can be costly.

Although most copyright holders only issue a cease-and-desist order for your content access, ISPs may have the authority to block your account. You could also be sued for having the item without permission, and it is illegal in some countries to knowingly obtain torrents that contain licensed materials.

If you download a recent movie released in theaters, CDs with your favorite songs, or the next season of the show that you’re binge-watching on The Pirate Bay, then those actions fall under the category of “user beware.”

Pros and Cons of pirate’s bay


Every site we use has its advantages and disadvantages no matter how good it may be seen to be. Advantages are termed as the benefits of using the site in which at this case is the pirate’s bay while the disadvantages are the shortcomings. Below are some of the pros and cons of using this site.


  1. It is possible to continue with the activity even when an interruption occurs

Unlike in the early days when one was supposed to ensure that there was total internet connectivity when downloading a video. This was the era when a download would be interrupted simply by receiving a call, thus leading to disruption.  Thanks to private’s bay since now you can easily pick up from where you left your download if your gadget got interrupted for whatever reason. You easily resume from where you stopped whenever you are back online.

  1. It has been made easy to download and find a file of choice

Due to the advancement and improvement of pirate’s bay, you can now easily find a favorite file and download. This has been made possible due to the incorporation of the search engine where you get to enter the phrase or content of what you require searching. Once you enter a phrase in the search or content tab, you get a list of all the content that relates to your interest. From there, you get to choose what you wish to stream, download or view.

  1. Another advantage is that it offers multiple paths of accessibilities

Pirate bay offers multiple options in which one can access it; this enables one to choose from a variety of options made available for them. Some users prefer to access their URL directly without any issue primarily. Another way is by use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) which at all times ensures that your information is secure and thus data is not at risk.

  1. It is an easy and free site to use

This is a straightforward site to use; one does not need any specifications to access it. It also does not require one to make any form of payments to access it. All that one needs to do is to connect to an internet connection and then search for the site and download. This is made easy in such a way that one does not need to be computer literate to use it. It is also made free so that everyone can comfortably afford it.

  1. This site can also work awesomely even with slow internet speed.

It implies that one does not necessarily need an internet connection that is so fast since also a slightly slow speed can still work perfectly. This is due to the fact that even if there is buffering and internet disruption, it will resume and continue downloading. This applies to even those with slow internet connectivity.

  1. Can download files of large sizes

This means that you can download files with torrents with large sizes, this is made possible if there is internet connection. A file with large size may include software, movies that are in series form, animations and games. Unlike other sites that do not easily download files that are of large quantity, Pirate bay is advisable for such type of task.

  1. Can be shared through the use of torrent client

Once you have downloaded a torrent file, all you need to do is to ensure you don’t temper with the downloaded torrent file in the torrent client. Here, the files are automatically shared to all the users within the same network. This is an advantage since you ca get to shared insightful and educative genres with others ad they get a chance to enjoy.


  1. One cannot view the content been downloaded until it has fully been downloaded

This implies that one cannot download a file and at the same time, view the content been downloaded. To view a file been downloaded, you have to wait until the download is complete to take any other action on the interested file.

  1. It leads to a slow internet connection

Even if you have a broadband connection that you are using when using pirate’s bay for torrenting, you have to incur a series of activities that one has to do. This involves the uploading and downloading of files simultaneously, thus affecting the overall speed and experience. It is advisable to tackle only one task at a time when dealing with this website.

  1. One can easily reveal their IP address

Unless one protects their data by use of a VPN, then you are exposing your IP address to every person who is connected within the same network. In case you are connected to a network of people through a single torrent then, every person connected to the same torrent as you are has access to your IP. Thus can easily access your information at any given time without your consent.

  1. One can easily put illegal content on your device without your knowledge

Due to the fact that one can easily download any desired content since it is readily available, one can easily violate the intellectual property code. This can have severe consequences to an individual since it may lead to arrest, virus download or even total ban from using the internet. Thus one should be so careful about what they decide to download.


Based on the pros and cons outlined above, it is evident that even if the pirate’s bay has some weakness, it still stands out as one of the best websites. This is because most of the above issues can be resolved by simply use of a virtual private network (VPN) as it helps one to encrypt their data, access the torrent and enjoy your content with minimum or no interruptions. For anyone thinking of a download website consider pirates bay since it downloads a series of files including animation, movies, songs, documentaries, games and software.