With a VPN you can Hide your IP & stay anonymous
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How to Use Pirate Bay Without Being Tracked?

Although there is no perfect way to secure a person’s anonymity, the best way to avoid being tracked is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. These companies provide a protection service by hiding your IP, providing an encrypted communication channel, and having a no logs policy. These characteristics ensure that your Internet surfing is kept anonymous. However, not all VPNs offer protection for torrenting. Some of them, as for example NordVPN, do. Thus, it is very important to check this feature before subscribing to any VPN.

VPNs provide anonymity by hiding the user’s IP address. In this manner, the computer cannot be identified and the user’s activities cannot not be effectively tracked. Therefore, when deciding on which VPN service to choose, it is important to check some aspects of the VPN service, such as: are they keeping any user’s activity logs? Do you need to use an Internet Service Provider to connect to the VPN? And many more. Below is a list of ten popular VPNs:

Although we cannot recommend any particular VPN, many reviews by people, who also claim to be “pirates”, favor Nord VPN.

Another option is using the TOR (The Onion Router) browser. Once you have the TOR browser on your machine you can access the Pirate Bay directly by connecting to http://thepiratebay.org or by using the official TOR URL: uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion. Onions are urls that are difficult to remember and are only available via the Tor browser, which uses a special network of volunteer computers to connect to the Internet. However, Tor advises its users to use a VPN to fully protect their privacy, as they cannot fully guarantee that their IP will remain unknown. This is very important, because there have been reports of governments and other organizations monitoring Tor’s usage.

Finally, you can opt to use a web proxy. They are simply proxies that you can use to connect to other sites, such as the Pirate Bay. They work via a web browser and usually all that is needed to hide your IP address is to go the service's homepage and enter a URL in the form provided. Some of your choices include:

This proxy is available for free at https://www.proxysite.com/ You just need to enter the PirateBay url.

Availabe at https://proxify.com/, it is a paid service. They offer several packages, which allow you to appear accessing from a selection of different countries.

However, web proxies as not as reliable as a VPN, which provide encrypted communication and a dedicated network of servers that usually expands over many countries.

What a Time to Be Alive With Pirate Bay?

Mirror sites of the Pirate Bay are also subjected to persecution by the authorities, on the grounds that they help users to avoid paying for copyrighted material, as they should do. As such, many of them are shut down compulsory and their lifespan isn’t so long.

Typically, these websites operate from countries where the Pirate Bay is not restricted. Nevertheless, many times ISPs decline to offer their service to their users, as they prefer not to take the risk of being involved in legal troubles, or on the grounds of their private service policies.

Thus, it is very difficult to know exactly how long mirror sites last, as there is not much available information in this regard. Still, when blocked, usually creators of mirror sites are able to move their websites to another location, becoming available again in a short time.

As the Pirate Bay’s Facebook page history shows, sites related to thePirateBay have a troubled life cycle. They are blocked, then they reappear, to disappear again and so on.

But the existence of multiple mirror sites is facilitated by the availability of reliable information: from thePirateBay’s database dumps to instructions on how to set up a mirror site, the facts are well documented and easily available. Adding to it, the basic architecture of the Pirate Bay is also understood and thus, if you are interested, you can create a similar structure based on virtual machines stored on the cloud. But don’t forget, if you create a mirror of the Pirate Bay, let the different mirror lists know that you are available. In this manner you will become known in an anonymous manner to all the “pirates” worldwide.

If you have questions on how to set up a mirror site, visit any of the many forums and ask. The Pirate Bay has many loyal fans that will surely help you in this regard. However, use a pseudo, as you don’t want to be known by the government authorities or copyright support institutions. A word of caution here: even if you are based in a country that doesn’t block the Pirate Bay, find out if you may still be prosecuted by the US or EU authorities, as they may consider that their scope extends their frontiers.

Also, bear in mind, that by using a thePirateBay’s database dump, you can also use the information stored in it to create your personal peer-to-peer torrent-search tool. However, although not required, out of consideration, acknowledge the source that you are using, before making it available to the public.

And finally, remember that the Pirate Bay has had a long and difficult life. But, that in spite of it, it is still there, helping many people around the world. So, as its mirror sites may “mirror” its existence, be confident they will exist for long, while there is people that believes that “sharing is caring”.