Good but not perfect

This torrent is good. It contains a lot of material, mostly movies and TV shows. Its content is updated frequently by many people. Thus, even the latest movie releases are available there. The download speed is also good, probably due to the high amount of users who seed.

However, what I don’t like is the crypto mining that uses your CPU. That added to the vast amount of adds, makes its use a bit of a hazard. What if a link leads to a porno site or even worse to a site infested with viruses? The bad thing is that you never know where they link you to.

I’m also quite frustrated with the fact that the site is down pretty frequently. For periods it works fine, but then it starts to disappear, working in a broken manner.

It was described as a long running project of performance art

The description is accurate, as the site has more than 18 years and despite legal battles it continues to stand in a miraculous way.

The pirate ship logo is iconic and it has been there since 2004

While the site is older, the initial iteration of the ship logo has been around since 2004, although a similar one was in 2001. But as you can see, the site didn’t really evolve.

No major changes were made to the website design since launch

They continued to add torrents, but the website design is pretty much the same you would see and expect. It’s still the same website you would expect to find online and it’s actually running almost the same way.

Initially it ran on 4 linux servers named Hypercube

Obviously things have evolved during the years, as now it’s cloud based. Yet this shows how even a site like this can change.